Principal's MESSAGE

Principal's Message

A student symbolizes the dreams of contemporary society.The role of the School is to nurture the student that he realizes those dream and enact them in a pow werful proactive role on the celluloid of life. Let us teach him /her the value of adventure in life that he/she appreciates the morning lark and his/her spirits to soar high to touch the blue welkin of life . let us develop in him/her a sparkling sense of humour that he/she may take the sunny days and rainy days of his/her life in the same stride. let us teach him/her to laugh at himself/herself and not at others.

Our endeavour at DS.P.S. is to inculcate life skills in the student. life skills means developing the moral ethical, physical, mental,aesthetical,and spiritual facets of his personality. it is our objective not only to guide the students in academics but also to imbue in him/her adequate leadership qualities and discipline such that that he/she excels in every field he/she selects in life and come to be realized as a pillar of strength to his/her family and society and win laurels for his/her country. moral ethical, physical, mental, aesthetical and spiritual facets of his personality.

Mr. Pradeep Kumar Yadav