Manager's MESSAGE

Manager's Message

We, at DS PS, wish to develop personality of child. They are like tiny seed. A tiny seed breaks open the earth to grow into a plant, but growth alone does not add the beauty to life, rather wild and abnormal growth some times loads to stagnation Shaping the growth through proper training and systematic discipline is the only way to make life beautiful, which ultimately loads to fully-fledged personality.

D.S. Public School Chamrolla,Agra is an outcome of my deep concern to provide educational facility to the future. We wish to lay the strong foundation of the educational edifice which has for its pinnacle the multi-faceted development of the who are the torch-bearers of knowledge. The recent introduction of High-tech smart classes has made learning a funfilled experience We look forward to this new session with great anticipation and excitement. We will collectively continue to provide the best to all our children. To enhance our objective we heartily welcome your precious suggestions to strive the are a of Education.

Mr. Brijesh Kumar Yadav